The Importance of Financial Literacy: A case study with Agora Financial

Financial Literacy 

They should teach how to do your taxes, how to invest properly and personal finance in schools and universities.  But that isn’t the reality.  So we must learn to take on financial literacy by ourselves.  Self educating on finance, money and wealth creation is a necessity as an adult.

Where can you turn to get solid information about money and the stock market?  There are so many avenues out there to learning about money and financial literacy.  But which are legitimate?  One needs to look for reputable sources who have stood the test of time.  Agora Financial is one of those sources.


How Agora Financial Helps Investors Make Smart Investments


The company was started in 1984 and has its offices in Baltimore, Maryland. Agora Financial is a sister to the Agora Inc, which is considered an ideas marketplace that has existed since 1979. Their all-time popular publications are Strategic Investment, which they did in 1984, the Plague of the Black in 1992, and Daily Reckoning in 1999. These were some of the initial free daily financial e-letters. In 2004, Agora Financial became independent and has had numerous publications ever since.


Since this company was started, it has continued to beat the mainstream financial media on providing financial literacy. Their readers were made aware of looming downfalls, including tech, housing, and credit bubbles. Also, they were prepared for the panic that happened in 2008 with the pending collapse of Lehman Bros and the American Airlines bankruptcy. This ensured that they thrived as other investors wallowed in misery from the loss.


What sort of financial literacy does Agora Financial offer?

Agora Financial gives autonomous economic comments through print and digital publications, e-books, films, print, and international conferences. They offer these markets news through free or paid publications. Agora offers a one-of-a-kind environment where being creative, working hard, and being innovative is the order of the day. Having an entrepreneur atmosphere and being able to forge your own path yields you a great corporate culture.


What Agora Financial does is encourage people to invest in ideas that seem dumb to some individuals instead of choosing the hyped-up ones as they always end up crumbling and leading to major investment losses. They go deep with their investigations, and once they have discovered a promising venture, they put it in their publications so that their subscribers can take an early lead in investing. This way, when the idea becomes popular and everyone else wants to invest in it; their readers will have the upper hand and get the most out of their early investment.


Financial Investment Strategies


It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or investment guru, their independent and unbiased analysts will give you many publications that will help meet your every need. Some of the topics covered include:


  • Making the most of safe-haven investments, which include getting maximum profits from bonds and precious metals
  • Discovering companies that are likely to get a quick growth while developing simple ways to get profits even when the stocks go down
  • Familiarize with income-increasing strategies to help you grow your nest egg and how to protect it


Examples of Agora Financial Newsletters and Publications


In general, Agora Financial editors publish twenty-five publications and newsletters. They include:


Short-Term Trading


Michael Covel’s Vertical Trade Alert- this is a publication that offers a guide on stocks. Even the readers who have never invested in stocks before can benefit from the algorithms that they offer to help earn money from short squeezes. With the membership comes one new recommendation each Monday and updates on weekly markets. As a subscriber, you also get lifetime access to


Monthly Income Generators


Contract Income Alert- in place of the usual buy and hold strategy, this publication focuses on purchasing cheap corporate bonds, which promise you two interest payments every year. However, not all corporate bonds companies have the same credit ratings. Nevertheless, such higher-risk organizations usually deliver higher gains.


Family Wealth Circle- this publication promises to assist you to make your investment decisions easier by combining opportunities that can help build your wealth more effectively.


These are just but a few of the many publications on financial literacy

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